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im officially done reading people's livejournals..
cuz the very people that say they do not want drama.. are the very people that are trying to start it..

if you don't like me.. dont pretend to.. dont try to be my friend.. dont act like my friend.. that's called being two faced.

i'm done here..
i have a new journal.. because i like writing.. but i refuse to make it like the lj's have turned out being lately.
if you want the name let me know
and i'll add you if you're dramafree

ambiguous enteries open for interpratation for the sole purpose of making people think it's about them
using lj for a means to fight/make people jealous/ hurt peoples feelings

its your journal.. do as you wish.. and i'll make the proactive change.

i won't pretend that i havent done things wrong in the past.. but I really want this to be my livejournal.. not my livehurtpeoplesfeelingsdramafilledjournal

its become more of.. what people read.. then what i feel .. journal.. i was dumb.
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